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May 9, 2016
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July 21, 2016

Sushi Sushi

Advertising Jingles for Ancient Traditions

At Loud Crowd Music, we love working with a diverse range of clients. We pride ourselves on being a versatile company that provides you with the best possible advertising jingles. We work with clients to compose custom music and jingles for ads which enhances the message and emotional impact of your advertisement. The commercial for Sushi Sushi required something special. Sushi Sushi serve up high quality authentic Japanese food that’s quickly delivered to your table. However, sushi is an ancient tradition, and so the advertisement also focuses on this long history and the care that is taken in preparing the food.

The Best Jingles for Ads

The advertisement creates an ethereal, magical and almost nostalgic mood, connecting ancient traditions to the convenience required by the modern world. As the sultry voice over by Rob Mulliner says, “In Japan, the art of sushi is revered. The sushi chef’s knives are sacred tools with a soul.” Loud Crowd demonstrate their expertise in this striking advertisement. The carefully selected musical timbres, matched perfectly to the cinematography take the viewer on a journey that respects the traditions and history of sushi and relates this to a modern day setting where this fine food can conveniently be enjoyed.

Unbeatable Quality for Jingles in Advertising

Soothing music starts, the perfect accompaniment to the tone and content of the voice over. Subtle repeating musical patterns and sustained notes accompany hands lightly brushing over the rice in the rice paddy. Magical sounds accompany the introduction of the sacred tool of the sushi chef’s knife. Whilst the overall mood of the advertisement remains calm, the repeated musical patterns build a sense of expectation, as we learn of the ingredients used and where they come from. The message here is about quality – the quality of the food, with the quality of music – which goes beyond being mere advertisement jingles – expertly reinforcing this message. The expertise of Angie, Robert and the team at Loud Crowd Music create soundtracks that are respectful of the time taken to prepare the food, whilst arousing expectation and driving the commercial onwards, arousing excitement in the viewer as they anticipate the delicious food that is being created.

Advertisement Jingles Which Connect

Jingles in advertising are an area that the best advertising agencies know can’t be overlooked. Music is a common language across the globe. No matter who your audience is, or where they are based, music will connect with your customers and dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your advertisement. Whether it’s a radio ad jingle, or soundtrack for a television commercial, music will always add more to your advertisement. This is because, like no other art form, music connects directly on an emotional level – forming a connection in the viewers or listeners mind between the product being sold and the emotions created by the music as they watched or listened to the advert. This emotional connection enhances the memory of what was being advertised, making your advert stand out from the crowd, and increasing your number of customers. If you’re selling sushi or steak, or are developing advertisements for any other industry, years of experience, exceptional talent, passion and dedication to making the best possible music that’s right for you and your product, the team at Loud Crowd Music can’t be beaten.