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July 3, 2016
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September 8, 2016

Jingle Production

Product Jingles You Can’t Forget.

Loud Crowd Music is an eclectic music studio led by composers Angie Coffey and Robert Upward. Over the past 15 years, they’ve worked together with a team of musicians and producers to become leading names in music for advertising and jingle production. Jingles for products create sonic branding, making your product or service more memorable, because not only the visuals are being relied on to make a connection with your customers, but also the product jingle – the music and voice overs.

Jingle Production for all Industries

This jingle montage gives a glimpse into the quality of the work of Loud Crowd Music, and the range of clients for whom they’ve produced product jingles. As you watch the montage, you’ll see some big names both nationally and internationally: Toyota, Forty Winks, Retravision, Diamond Dealer, Honda, Yakult and Country Racing. It’s pretty likely that you’ll also recognize some of the jingles – and you now know who’s responsible for composing and producing the catchy music for these adverts. It’s not by accident that the jingles are what you may remember most about the adverts shown in this montage.

Jingles for Products with Emotional Power

Music, like no other art form connects with the listener on an emotional level. This means music has huge potential when it comes to advertising. Correctly harnessed, this power can dramatically improve the impact of your advertisement. By creating a strong emotional connection, your product or service becomes much more memorable to your customers and potential customers. Because your advert becomes more memorable with a stronger emotional impact, there’s a much greater chance that it’s going to have the desired result – increase sales for you.

Custom Jingle for a Product is the Best.

Whilst it is possible to use existing music and simply lay this over the top of your advertisement, the smartest marketing minds know that this isn’t going to do justice to your advertisement or product. By choosing to commission custom music and jingles production you are investing in developing your brand identity and sonic branding can’t be overlooked when it comes to developing your brand. Custom music, sound design and jingle for a product is a superior option because it can be specifically matched to your product, and the emotions, moods and demographics for which you are aiming. In much the same way as the cinematography for an advert selling an elegant perfume would be very different to the the images selling high performance racing cars, so the musical timbres, styles and genres will need to vary. With such a wide range of experience, you can be sure that Loud Crowd music will do exactly that – match perfectly music to pictures and enhance your brand. From catchy jingles to award winning songs for adverts, there is no better option when it comes to finding a trusted partner for music in advertising and jingle production.