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April 28, 2016

Jingle Writer Toyota


Jingle Writers with a Kick

Loud Crown Music have been commissioned as the jingle writers for a number of Toyota commercials over the years. Each commercial has required music in a different style to match the different themes of the commercials. Whenever Toyota have needed a jingle writer, they’ve known that by working with Loud Crowd Music, they’re working with the best in the business.

Get the Best Jingle Writers for your Advert!

For this short and catchy commercial, Toyota teamed up with another of Australia’s major brands – AFL (Australian Football League). Launching a time-pressured campaign built around the excitement of the AFL final in 2015, the advertisement combines music with sound effects and a voice over to produce a high energy commercial. The voice over invites viewers to buy a new Toyota and win $500 in accessories. By buying a new car, customers are then entered into a draw with the chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the final, a ride in the AFL Final Parade, entry to a special VIP event or $10,000 in cash. With such big prizes on offer for one of the major Australian sporting events of the year, the natural excitement was added to by the music. At the very opening of the advert, it’s “game on” according to the voice over, and the same is true for the powerful music track. Repeated guitar patterns and drums in a rock style are ever present.

Jingle Writers Needed? Look No Further

The style of music is completely appropriate to the mood and what is required by the advertisement. Brand appropriate, the rock music style strongly connects with the intended demographic, creating strong memories and attachments to the audience. The advert would work without the music – just the voice over recording and a few sound effects of the crowd and balls being kicked – but its impact would be severely lessened. Music connects emotionally with an audience like no other medium. Music therefore holds tremendous power when used correctly in advertising. But it’s an expert profession and there’s a real difference between commissioning custom music for your advertisement compared to using stock music simply laid over your cinematography.

The Best Option for your Jingle Writer Jobs!

If you find jingle writers needed for your company, do yourself the best possible service you can by working with experienced experts with an unbeatable portfolio of work: Loud Crowd Music. With their talent and experience, Loud Crowd Music composers will harness the power of music to work in your favour, the final touch to a highly successfully advertising campaign. Because music connects to the audience emotionally, it creates a stronger connection. Your product is more memorable, so it’s more likely to be the one that customers choose. Every advertising campaign is different, every business is different, all jingle writer jobs are different. Experienced across all industries, having worked with some of the biggest global brands, Loud Crowd Music will make music in advertising work for you.