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April 28, 2016
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April 28, 2016

Jingle Writing Primus Telecom

Primus Telecom ‘Prank Calls’

Jingle Writing Is No Joke!

The Primus Telecom Prank Calls advert was completed with creative agency Cummins and Partners in 1999. Angie Coffey was given creative freedom for this project; no specific brief was given but it was clear that Angie would need to write a jingle which added to the overall comic feel to complete this commercial.

Writing Jingles Makes Your Ad Better

The comical advert depicts older men having a great time making prank phone calls; clearly the sort of thing that children may delight in, these grandfather figures are having a great time in their second childhood! The jingle writing here needed to be equally playful, to enhance this jolly mood. It’s clear that the jokes about Mr and Mrs Wall – “Are there any walls there? Then what’s keeping your walls up?” and “Is your fridge running? Then you’d better go and catch it!” aren’t new to anyone but that doesn’t reduce the amusement.

Write a Jingle That’s Right for You

There’s a simple but effective message in the advert – phone calls are so cheap you can afford to make as many as you want, even if they are just for fun. Fittingly, when it was time to write a jingle, Angie composed music that is quite simple but effective and enhances the mood of the advert. The first music we hear, as the prank calls are being made, is a lively bass line. Next, we hear the drum kit playing a distinctive swing rhythm on snare and hit-hat. The piano joins in with a jazzy tune over the top. The music is a great example of writing jingles that are perfectly matched to, and enhance the advert. It’s cheerful, catchy and cheeky. There’s also something fittingly appropriate about the use of jazz here – though remaining relevant, there’s also a hint of the past about it; perhaps the sort of music the old men in the advert may have listened to when they were young. The music supports the advert without overwhelming it. Expertly written, the music plays an important role in how the advertisement connects with the audience.

Loud Crowd Write Jingles for Commercials

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