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April 28, 2016
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September 8, 2016

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James Boag Premium Lager

Music written by Angie Coffey, produced and arranged by Angie Coffey and Robert Upward.

This highly acclaimed cinema commercial for James Boag Premium Lager from nearly 20 years ago set the benchmark for the quality of Loud Crowd’s work. The soundtrack, like all quality art, has truly stood the test of time. A chance meeting between Angie and Sean Cummins from international agency Cummins and Partners in their St Kilda offices is how it started. Angie left this meeting with the storyboard for the yet to be filmed advertisement in hand.

The advertisement is inspired by a famous black and white photograph by Helmut Newton and shows a lady peering through a keyhole. The films of Alfred Hitchcock, and the tag line ‘Who is James Boag?’ provided additional inspiration. The intriguing quality of the photo and this question are integral elements to the commercial. Unusually, although Angie had the storyboard, the filming was yet to commence. Thus the music was composed first, and was then played for inspiration at the film shoot. The late Richard Franklin of Hollywood fame directed the commercial.