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James Boag Premium Lager

Memorable Advertising Moments With A Company Jingle

This highly acclaimed commercial for James Boag Premium Lager marked the start of the creative partnership between Angie Coffey and Robert Upward, nearly 20 years ago, leading to many highly successful company jingles also being created.  Setting the benchmark for the quality of their work, the soundtrack for this advert – like all quality art – has stood the test of time. A chance meeting between Angie and Sean Cummins from the respected international agency Cummins and Partners in their St Kilda offices is how it started. Angie left this meeting with the storyboard for the yet to be filmed advertisement in hand. This chance encounter lead to not only this commercial, but also a much valued relationship between Loud Crowd Music and Cummins and Partners, as Loud Crowd developed its expertise in composing jingles for companies.

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The advertisement is inspired by a famous black and white photograph by Helmut Newton, showing a lady peering through a keyhole. The films of Alfred Hitchcock, and the tag line ‘Who is James Boag?’ provided additional inspiration.  The suspense raised by the photo and this question was key to the commercial, including the musical composition and sound engineering.  Unusually, although Angie had the story board, the filming was yet to be completed. Thus the music was composed first, and as a result also became an inspiration for the cinematography, and was played at the filming. The filming was directed by the Hollywood director Richard Franklin, famous for films such as Blue Lagoon.

As the female character sits on the edge of her bed, seductively pulling up her stockings, a jazz trumpet evokes a sensual mood, transporting us to a previous time suggested by that black and white Newton photo which provided the initial inspiration. A repeated figure on strings builds the tension and suspense which is central to the theme of this commercial. As the female character looks through the keyhole, the tension continues to build, both dramatically and musically. There’s some relief to this tension as she spies the bottle of James Boag beer, but only a little: A man wrapped in only a towel appears, and as he opens the beer, the music stops – the only sound the bottle lid landing on the floor.

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This striking commercial has an even stronger impact because of the music, which is why there are so many famous company jingles.  There is no talking, no words on the screen. The story is told through the pictures and wonderful soundtrack which enhances the emotional impact of the cinematography- a truly effective company jingle.  Angie, Robert and the team at Loud Crowd Music are experts in specifically this, being a highly sought after jingle production company. They understand exactly how the right music, composed especially for your advertisement can dramatically enhance the quality of already brilliant pieces of art. Music, like no other medium connects to the brain and drives emotions on a sub-conscious level. When it comes to improving the impact of your advertisements, the smartest minds in advertising turn to music for exactly this reason. Creating an emotional response is the strongest form of connection you can make with your customer base and there’s no better way of connecting on an emotional level than with music composed specifically for your needs. The quality of music on this classic commercial for James Boag Premium Lager is one of many exceptional pieces of work that show when it comes to finding a jingle company for advertising, you should go to one of the very best jingle writing companies there is: www.loudcrowdmusic.com.au