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April 28, 2016
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April 28, 2016

Music Jingles Inzagi


Music Jingles with Style

Inzagi is a unique women’s fashion label that was founded in 2005. They source exclusive fabrics and styles from around Australia and overseas. Inzagi designs and styles and are designed to compliment your wardrobe, offering timeless and fashionable clothing. The jingle music needed to support the beauty of the clothes from Inzagi and the mood of the cinematography. Loud Crown Music provided the music for jingles to enhance the beautiful imagery created by Andrew Englisch, ex creative director from Cummins and Partners Advertising Agency.

Musical Jingles Add to Your Advert

The stunning music jingle was composed to complement the beauty of the imagery and Inzagi clothes. There is a floating, almost timeless feel to the music and the advertisement. At the opening a piano is heard, playing arpeggios with a simple melody over the top. The female voice over states that “today I dreamed of a life extraordinary, one of simplicity, freedom” as a lady can be seen pushing a bicycle gently through woodland. This is a striking example of how custom musical jingles for adverts enhance the message of commercials perfectly. Later, a violin can be heard, adding depth and warmth to the music, just as the warmth of the sun nourishes the female character’s soul. Many musical phrases are repeated throughout the advert, which adds to the timeless feel. The music remains captivating yet uncomplicated throughout, reflecting the calm and peaceful activities seen in the advertisement; sitting reading, lying on hammock, gentle swinging. Creating a further link between the jingles music and the imagery, towards the end of the advertisement an acoustic guitar can be heard; the same guitar we’ve previously seen lying by the tent in the advert?

Music Jingles Just for You

There’s no question that music jingles composed specifically for your advert on TV or radio jingle music commissioned just for your current campaign is always going to produce a superior result compared to relying on stock music. By commissioning original compositions you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing if you want your advertising campaign to stand out for all the right reasons. Using the expertise of Angie, Robert and the rest of the team at Loud Crowd, you’ll be gaining access to years’ worth of experience and a skill set that really delivers when it comes to putting music to advertising.

Music for Jingles Which Connects

Music, like no other art form can access the emotions. By engaging with customers and potential customers on an emotional level, you’re making your advertisement more memorable – people will also remember how your advert made them feel; there’s no stronger way to create a connection. And creating a connection with your customer base is the most important step to building sales. To see more jingle music samples, visit the Loud Crowd Music website, and see just how brilliantly music can be used to enhance your advert.