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April 28, 2016
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April 28, 2016

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Country Racing Victoria

Sound Design with Character

Robert Upward, of Loud Crowd Music produced an exceptional piece of creative sound design for Country Music Victoria’s commercial ‘It’s Got It All’. The advertising agency Balance were partners for this project. Robert was inspired by country music sounds for this project and the song provides uplifting and inspiring sound design to accompany the advert. The music reflects the true essence of a country lifestyle and enhances the cinematography to provide a remarkable piece of art.

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The advertisement starts at dawn. A lady sits in a tree watching the sun rise, as the dew reflects from a spider’s web on a fence. A surfer heads for some quiet morning waves, while a sheep farmer starts to tend to his flock for the day. At the opening, we hear just guitar and mouth organ; two instrumental timbres which perfectly reflect the country. The excitement of the coming day is enhanced as the music builds, and our attention is also drawn to the positive lyrics – I see the light as it shines, as it breaks from the dawn. Shining down on me, shining down. I can see this day, I can feel this day, it’s got it all. Repeating guitar riffs, again reminiscent of country music, and somehow reflective of a galloping horse, anchor the music in the listener’s mind. As the day progresses, we move to the races. Glamour comes to the country as the races provide a meeting point both socially and for sport – the fashionably dressed crowd excited by the entertainment. A beautiful violin melody is added to the mix, which reflects the elegant dresses of the ladies at the races whilst also maintaining a nod to the ever present country music influences and a hint of the nostalgia. After the climax of the action – the main race, we are quickly returned to the simplicity of the country – a lone figure walking away from us by a tree as the sun sets, and the lyrics once more remind us that a day at the races has ‘got it all’.

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The high quality of It’s Got It All was recognised by APRA. The song won a nomination in the 2016 APRA Screen Music Awards for Best Music for and Advertisement. APRA has a 90-year history, and the APRA Screen Music Awards are held in association with The Australian Guild of Screen Composers. Recognition by these two prestigious organisations is a true testament to the quality of Robert’s music, and he and the team at Loud Crowd Music are rightly proud of this achievement. This latest award nomination comes as one in a long line recognizing Robert’s work. Previous recognition has included MADC Awards – Sound Engineering, Golden Stylus Awards – Best Sound in Advertising (Grand Prix), and he is four-time winner of the Australian Writers and and Art Directors Awards for Best Sound Design.

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Robert works with Angie Coffey to lead the team at Loud Crowd Music to be one of the very best sound design companies there is. They’ve been working together in their sound design studio for over 15 years, producing custom music and sound design for advertising. They understand the power that music can have in advertising and are experts at harnessing this power in artistic and powerful ways to enhance the emotional pull and impact of commercials. If you choose custom sound studio design for your next advertising project, you’ll be in very good company – the biggest names in the industry work with Loud Crowd Music because they know quality will be delivered every time.