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AACTA awards

AACTA awards

TV Jingles are an Award Winning Business

AACTA – the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts was launched in 2011. The primary focus of AACTA is to ‘recognise, encourage, promote and celebrate film and television excellence in Australia through the nation’s highest screen accolades – the AACTA Awards’.  The AACTA Awards are the Australian equivalent of the prestigious Oscars or BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards. Robert Upward, of Loud Crowd Music was commissioned to compose the TV commercial jingles for the awards. Loud Crowd Music have also composed TV Jingles for many commercials and the music for the opening of the AACTA Awards Screenings.

TV Commercial Jingles Build Your Brand

In addition to composing the music for this TV jingle, Robert has also been honoured to have served as judge for these prestigious awards on a number of occasions. The Awards cover all categories of film and television – to be selected to be judging his peers’ work pays testament to Robert’s skill and level of respect he holds within in the music industry in Australia.

A TV Jingle With Power

This particular commercial is a montage of film clips, and the music for this jingle TV reflects the changing action of the film clips, whilst also providing continuity and consistency throughout. The aim of the commercial, in promoting the Awards, was to show the power of music in film and television. The music creates an emotional journey, building excitement in the audience as they are moved by picture and sound acting together. There is an excited feel at the start of the commercial, developed by the driving rhythms; a man is seen horse racing, a passionate embrace between a man and a lady – the action is constantly changing. Suddenly the driving rhythms stop and haunting vocal sounds help to move the mood from excitement to full of tension. The music starts to build again – a powerful base line, cymbal crashes, drum beats and powerful string riffs all feature. A voice over is then added to this jingle TV, explaining about the AACTA Awards.

Jingles on TV Get You Noticed

Without the music, this commercial would be a montage of film clips that perhaps lacked unity. The music binds the cinematography together, making the commercial complete. Importantly, the music dramatically enhances the emotional power of what’s being seen on screen, from the initial building of excitement to creation of suspense and tension as the music changes, to finally building to the climax of the advertisement. This is expertly done, and the team at Loud Crowd Music have been applying their skill and expertise in music for advertising for over 15 years. With an impressive portfolio of work, including major global brands they are industry leaders in harnessing the power of music to increase the emotional pull of advertisements.  When you need jingles TV, go with the experts and experience the real benefits of music in advertising.